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Phantom 2

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Military Standard
Phantom 2 is certified to meet and exceed military
protection standard MIL-STD 810G. Let’s bring a supreme
safeguard to your device.
Learn more about the U.S. - Army level protection
Perfectly Clear
An esthetically designed see-through case with different
brilliant colors, suits all kinds of personalities while adding
proven protection.
Learn more about the trendy transparent style
Hexa Pattern
Powerful 3D texture that perfectly encases your device with a mesmerizing look while
providing optimal shock suspension.
Learn more about the shock-absorbing technology

Military standard MIL-STD 810G is to manifest top-of-the-line equipments that survive through rugged and harsh conditions. While being a translucent gel case, Phantom 2 is a remarkably indestructible that surpassed Military Drop Test. With this certification, we proudly offer an unparalleled protection and limited lifetime warranty with Phantom 2.

If the stars are those light up the sky, Phantom 2 will be the one that brightens your device. Made from new and highly flexible material, Phantom 2 covers your device with a truly clear and unmarked shell, yet still renders manifested protection. Phantom 2 comes in 5 different colors including Black, Blue, Pink, Teal and Crystal Clear.

Forget about stiff buttons that irritably hinder your use in other gel cases. Phantom 2 lets you effortlessly feel your device to the fullest with detachable metallic Real Sense buttons that are so flexible and responsive. You can now enjoying pressing buttons exactly like without wearing a case at all.

Phantom 2 is featured with 3D HexaPattern structure fabricated from super elastic polymer. This state-of-the-art design not only adds esthetics to the case but also helps suspend any impacts in accidental drops to keep your device protected. And did you know that interconnected 3D pattern helps your device cool down better under heavy performance? Yes, it does.

Phantom 2

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